17 Mar 2017

IWDPA eMeeting Agenda and Minutes 10.12.16

Agenda for IWDPA eMeeting (agenda items bold; UNAPPROVED minutes in blue) Wednesday, October 12, 2016 Meeting convened at 2:05 pm CST

Attendees: Denise Comer Kelly Kinney Barry Maid (traveling) Alice Myatt Sue Pagnac Jeremy Schnieder Leslie Werden

  1. Review of minutes from Friday, July 15, 2016; Raleigh, NC
    • Approved
  2. Constitutional review process & timeline – discussion
    • Myatt proposed sending Constitution to FREEWRIT-L for feedback
    • Discussion
    • Add nominating process to Constitution
    • Need quorum to vote? Exec Board D, #3
    • Answer: Simple majority vote (today is 4)
    • Decided: making changes with smaller group then opening up for larger membership feedback
    • Have spring semester to accept proposals
    • Draft by 4Cs, final draft by CWPA
  3. Board members: nominations and voting
    • Secretary non-voting b/c runs voting
    • Myatt motioned to appoint Pagnac as Board Member
    • Part of her work will be Secretary until Constitution amendments are approved
    • Approved
    • Constitution posted on Google Drive (IWDPA)
    • Comments due by Dec 12-16 (soft deadline); review at 4Cs; open for commenting post-Cs
  4. Mapping project (Jeremy Schneider)
    • Schnieder to keep development going and will report back in December
  5. Webmaster/Web Presence
    • No webmaster/mistress
    • Maybe find someone to do web mgmt. on a routine basis
    • Options: Get money from CWPA? Get a grad student asst.?
    • Send out call on FREEWRIT-L for volunteers
  6. Handout for CCCC session in Portland
    • CFP for 2018 4Cs
    • Options:
    • Moving curricula?
    • Ghettoization of FYC?
    • Developing a major/minor?
    • WCs as part of curriculum?
    • Movement out, movement in of other programs and departments?
  7. New Items
    • Article on independent writing programs in CCC 68.1 (Sept 2016): 173-214
    • Website need: White papers & resource guides
    • Mapping project will help – maybe a written definition won’t be available yet
    • Developing mentor network
    • Membership fee? Already supposed to be in 4C and/or C-WPA
    • Maybe add membership profile?
  8. Recap of action items
    • Myatt will post link to Constitution
    • Members need to touch base in December
    • Working on messages to members and other interested parties
    • Mapping
    • Membership
  9. Meeting adjourned at 2:49 pm CST

These minutes will be submitted for approval at CCCC in Portland, OR March 17, 2017

Til next time,
IWDPA at 00:00