05 Apr 2017

CFP for 2018 CCCC Standing Group Panel

The Independent Writing Departments and Programs Association (IWDPA) seeks proposals for its 2018 CCCC Standing Group Panel that engage with topics relevant to “Movements that (Re)Shape Independent Writing Departments and Programs.” Details are below; proposals must be received by Sunday, April 30, 2017 end of day.

In the evolving landscape of writing studies writ large, recognized as a robust discipline with the resources that come from being part of a well-established field, there have recently been movements from various departments that seek to shape or reshape independent writing departments. While some seek to support the continued development or sustainment of independent units, others seek to reshape an independent unit into a subordinate program within another department or unit. Possible questions for consideration (though questions beyond this list are welcome):

  • In an age of pragmatism, practicality, and movement, what do independent departments and programs need to recognize about the complexities of being independent? What should independent departments and programs do to ensure robust and continued independence?
  • How has movement out of/into/between departments and programs affected your current department or program? What opportunities and challenges have accompanied such moves? What benefits and drawbacks have been experienced by units on both sides of the movement?
  • What are the financial and administrative benefits and challenges found in the movements out of/into/between writing departments and programs?
  • How have movements out of/into/between other departments affected writing instruction (i.e., faculty) and student learning (i.e., students)?
  • Other topics relevant to independent writing departments and programs, which include independent writing centers, are welcome.

Who: Individual presentations should be no more than 15 minutes in length. In keeping with the CCCC guidelines for sessions, 30 minutes of the session will be used for Q&A, discussion, or other activities. We plan to have 3 individual presentations of no more than 15 minutes in length. Panel proposals (full session) will be considered; be sure to include the names of all presenters, the focus of each presentation, and the approximate time each plans to present.

What: Send 150-200 word proposals off–list to iwdpaorg@gmail.com. Full panel proposals may be 600 - 750 words. Be sure to include a title for each proposal and contact information.

NOTE: Please include one to three identifiers that will be used as hashtags (Pedagogy, Basic Writing, Assessment, Rhetoric, History, Tech, Language, Professional Technical Writing, Writing Program Administration, Theory, Public, Civic, and Community Writing, Creative Writing); refer to the 2018 CCCC guidelines for proposals to review the criteria for presenters.

Proposals will be reviewed by IWDPA executive officers; email acceptances from IWDPA will be sent no later than Friday, May 5, 2017.

When: Sunday, April 30, 2017, end of day

Til next time,
IWDPA at 00:00