Membership in the IWDPA is open to anyone interested in learning about independent writing departments, programs, and centers. This includes but is not limited to writing and rhetoric programs, communication programs, writing centers, communication centers, and other units not part of standard discipline-specific departments.

If you would like to be added to our membership roster, please send an email to iwdpaorg at gmail.com with the Subject line “IWDPA membership request.”

IWDPA Constitution approved 04-08-11 (currently under review).


The IWDPA welcomes additions to our directory of independent writing units. Please use the Contact Us form to submit your program’s information. Membership in the IWDPA is not required for having your writing unit listed in the Directory.

(An alphabetical list of independent writing departments and programs may also be viewed on our C-WPA affiliates page.)

University Program Chair Email
University of Mississippi Department of Writing and Rhetoric Bob Cummings rhetoric@olemiss.edu
Georgia Southern University Writing & Linguistics Department Dan Bauer wrd@depaul.edu
DePaul University Department of Writing, Rhetoric, & Discourse Peter Vandenberg dbauer@georgiasouthern.edu
Morningside College Department of Writing & Rhetoric Leslie Werden werden@morningside.edu
The University of Texas at San Antonio The Writing Program Gail Pizzola GAIL.PIZZOLA@UTSA.EDU
University of Central Arkansas Department of Writing Carey Smitherman Clark cclark@uca.edu
St. Edward’s University Department of Writing and Rhetoric (BA) Mary Rist marier@stedwards.edu
University of Central Florida Department of Writing and Rhetoric Elizabeth Wardle writingandrhetoric@ucf.edu
Woodbury University Writing Department Reuben Elllis Reuben.Ellis@woodbury.edu
UNC Charlotte University Writing Program Joan Mullin jmulli40@uncc.edu
Duke University Thompson Writing Program Denise Comer comerd@duke.edu
University of Kentucky Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies Jeff Rice j.rice@uky.edu
Loyola University Maryland Writing Department Peggy O’Neill poneill1@loyola.edu
University of Florida University Writing Program Creed Greer cgreer@ufl.edu
Occidental College Writing and Rhetoric Department Julie Prebel jprebel@oxy.edu